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As an investor relations firm, we keep your shareholders engaged and interested, while developing and strengthening important relationships. Our goal at C2 Partners is to effectively communicate your message, investment potential and vision to existing and new investors.

— Bud LaCombe, CEO

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Company Fact Sheets

A Fact Sheet is critical for introducing a company and educating new investors and analysts. C2 can create new company Fact Sheets or add input to pre-existing material. We incorporate company overview, investment messages, market opportunity, growth plans, competitive position, financial position, outlook and management.

Investor Inquiries

C2 manages inbound and outbound investor calls as well as calls from interested parties. C2 can be the primary point of contact for bringing investors up to speed on corporate developments. We communicate regularly with management so that investors are receiving a consistent and accurate message. We pre-qualify any investors that want to speak directly with management, arrange those calls and provide background information in advance.

Distribution Lists

C2 regularly creates / manages distribution lists that include investors, analysts and brokers that we have cultivated for potential involvement with client companies. This includes those who currently own or follow the stock, new parties who we target and convert, or those with whom we have existing relationships.

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